Monday, September 7, 2009

AMEN brother! Brother, Amen!

Yesterday, I had a great sabbath. It was fast Sunday and I was really looking forward to testimony meeting. My bishopric is really great at not beating the whole "Ya'll need to date!" thing. So, when they do talk about it, everyone is a lot more open to hear it.

My bishop bore his testimony first and started by saying that we need to not live by fear. He also said that a lot of the decisions we make in our lives will soon be irrelevant and we'll look back in our lives and realize that very thing. Then, he just encouraged everyone to be friendly and attend all the ward activities. He ended by encouraging the men to date to get to know girls and that it really was the best way to make friends and get to know people. It was a really great testimony and I really enjoyed it!

When you hear guys bear their testimony about dating, they're usually engaged or newly married. But, a brother stood up in my ward who wasn't either of those "things" and bore his testimony of following our leaders counsel to date. I don't think I've EVER heard a guy get up to bear testimony of dating like he did. It was so great! He told of all the amazing ways your life can be blessed just by following the counsel to date. He said that prayers were answered that he didn't even think would be and that he'd grown so much closer to the Lord.

I was really touched because I've never thought of dating in that light. Yes we date to get to know people and to find a man, but um, we need to follow what our leaders tell us to do and, apparently from what this young man said, we will be blessed in many ways! I think this applies to the ladies and the gents. But, especially the gents.

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