Monday, January 4, 2010

More funny stories from students...

So, at my school the PTA decided to collect recipes and do a recipe book for a fundraiser.  This is a recipe that one of my oh-so-adorable students brought in.  She wrote this on a 3x5 card:

"get some spagetti
put in a Dish
cook in the
micerwave for
1:30 when Done
put spagatti sose on it!"

Also, more funny stories:

Last year I was working with a student trying to get him to finish a writing assignment.  When I told him to keep going, he said, "I can't finish.  My brain's out of order.  My brain checked out. Teacher something is wrong with my brain."

I have a student who is 1/2 Brazilian.  We were having a lesson on biomes and this student was able to tell me on the first day what a biome is.  I was quite surprised that he knew.  When I asked him how he knew, another student called out, "It's because he's from Brazil!"

I love children.

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