Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm loving my Christmas Break!

So, anyways...The first few days of my Christmas break were CRAZY! I did all my Christmas shopping in one day (a 9-hour shopping spree - can I say gold medal?! Yes, I can!!), got together with my best gal friends, woke up at 3:30 in the morning to take a friend to the airport...  Just a few of the things to start off my Christmas break.  I must admit that I was late getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  Depressing. But, I really got in the mood fast!  Christmas eve and Christmas were awesome!  What I love most is being with my family.  I am so blessed to have such an awesome family and great friends.  These two things make me so happy and I rarely remember that I'm still single!!  But, I must say that every Christmas I think, "Hm. I'm still single.  It would be nice to have a significant other during this lovely holiday season...maybe next year - especially New Years Eve. Boy oh boy would I love a kiss at midnight!" (Anyone else think like that?!)  I feel a bit of disappointment, but then I remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Speaking of the true meaning of Christmas...tonight at family dinner, my nephew Ty (4 years old) said about my niece Taylor (4), "I don't like Taylor."  My other nephew Jonah (4) replied, "Ty, that's not the true spirit of Christmas."  Jonah doesn't talk that much and usually just copies his trouble-maker older brother Seth, so we all thought his statement was pretty profound.

Last week in church, a member of my stake presidency told of a single woman in her mid-forties who had told his wife a great story.  Every time she feels a pity party coming on, she just remembers how blessed she is to have the gospel in her life and she is filled with much happiness.  I totally agree with her!  I try not to have pity parties, but sometimes they just come on every few months.  But, then I remember how blessed I am to have such a wonderful life because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is so wonderful!  Would I rather be married without the gospel?!  Heck no.  HECK NO!

So, true, I won't get a kiss on New Years Eve, but guess what?! I totally reached almost all of my New Years resolutions!  Good luck to everyone who will be making and working toward those.  Just remember to make them resonably reachable!  Merry Christmas!!


  1. But just so you don't think you're the only one, I would give my own teeth to get a kiss at midnight this New Year's Eve. The end.

  2. I love your thoughts... enough said.

  3. Sigh...I just think you have so much coolness oozing from you all the time.

    Plus---something funny. At one point, while looking at your blog, "All the Single Ladies" was playing at the exact same second as "Breath of Heaven," you know that song about Mary asking God to help her as she carries the Savior, played at the exact same time. At first I thought it was your attempt at being VERY witty and clever. I was impressed at the same second as being concerned about your slight irreverence...Mary being "single" and what not. ANYWAY---I realized after a few seconds that I had two blogs with music open at the same time and the whole experience was...serendipitous? Whatever---made me laugh...Gina mashing Mary and Single Ladies. Come on. Think about it. Funny. But crass.

  4. Oh man "rbockholt," I am laughing so hard right now! I like want to mash the two songs together and just hear it for myself. Hehe haha he he.